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Back in the 1950s, Omega began developing its first automatic movements. Unlike later movements, where a rotor rotates 360 degrees and winds the watch, the rotor here bumps between two springs with the movement of the arm. It gives a very small bump, which is why Seamaster watches with this movement have been nicknamed "bumper" among collectors.


This is a watch with one of Omega's first automatic movements. This is a quality piece and the watch is therefore still running like a dream today.


The dual has a beautiful uniform patina, and as an interesting variation this dial has 12 indicated with Arabic numerals, while the remaining indices are so-called "arrowheads." This combination is rarely seen.


All in all, this is classic Omega at its very best, and Omega has recently reissued these classic fifties watches, which says something about the timelessness of the design.


Brand: Omega

Model: Seamaster

Year: 1952

Material: Steel

Movement: Automatic

Diameter: 34mm without crown

Omega Seamster Automatic "Bumper"

SKU: 2337
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