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Terms & Conditions

Introduction and the entering of agreement

CPH Vintage Watches (hereafter CPHVW) sells vintage watches, which are unique and non-substitutable items. Therefore, reservations are made regarding watches that have been sold and not yet removed from or marked as sold on the website and/or social media. Advertisements on CPHVW's website and associated social media must therefore be regarded as an invitation to make an offer, cf. § 9 of the Danish Contracts Act. The buyer's offer is accepted by CPHVW as order confirmation is sent to the buyer. As the order confirmation is sent to the buyer, a binding agreement exists between CPHVW and the buyer, cf. Section 1 of the Danish Contracts Act.



All items sold through CPHVW are distance sales and cannot be purchased without delivery. If it is stated in an advertisement that an item is sold with "free shipping", the shipping is paid by CPHVW within Denmark's borders. This does not include the Faroe Islands and Greenland. If not stated otherwise, the freight is paid by the buyer. In all cases, CPHVW chooses the shipping company with which the goods are sent. This will most often be GLS or PostNord. Goods are typically sent within five working days at the latest after the conclusion of the agreement and the delivery time always follows the guidelines applicable for the freight company used.


Transfer of risk

The risk of accidental destruction or deterioration of a product rests with CPHVW until delivery has taken place, cf. § 17 of the Danish Sales Act. If the buyer is a private person (a so-called consumer purchase), delivery has taken place when the product is in the possession of the buyer or a third party specified by the buyer, cf. § 73, subsection 1 of the Danish Sales Act.


Right of withdrawal

If the buyer is a private person (consumer), the buyer has the right to withdraw from/cancel the agreement up to 14 days after the goods have come into the possession of the buyer or a third party indicated by the buyer. To make use of the right of withdrawal, the buyer must contact CPHVW at before the expiry of the 14 days and subsequently send the goods at the buyer's expense to an address indicated by CPHVW immediately afterwards. In this case, the risk of accidental destruction or deterioration of the goods rests with the buyer until the goods have been handed over to CPHVW. The buyer is liable for deterioration in the value of the goods if the deterioration is due to handling other than that which is necessary to determine the nature of the goods, their properties and their mode of operation. It is hereby noted that vintage watches should be treated with care. CPHVW will refund the purchase price immediately after it has been possible to ascertain the condition of the goods.


Cph Vintage Watches offers a 6 month warranty. The warranty runs from the day the goods come into the possession of the buyer or a third party specified by the buyer, and expires at 24:00 6 months later. The warranty covers watches sold from 24/10/2022 onwards.


The warranty covers the movement of the watch if it stops running or the time indication deteriorates significantly within the warranty period. However, this does not apply if this is due to incorrect handling or use on the part of the buyer. This includes but is not limited to if the watch has been dropped, has been wound up incorrectly and the like. The warranty also does not cover scratches and the like applied by the buyer, as well as a broken crown/glass as a result of incorrect handling by the buyer. Vintage watches are not waterproof, and thus the warranty does not cover damage to the watch and its movement as a result of water and other liquids as well as ingress of sand and/or dirt.


To claim the warranty, the buyer must contact Cph Vintage Watches before the end of the warranty period and then send the watch to us at the buyer's expense. If Cph Vintage Watches assesses that the matter is covered by the warranty, we will, through our network of competent watchmakers, try to rectify the fault and subsequently return the watch to the buyer. Please note that it may be necessary to obtain special parts and/or have a watchmaker examine the watch, making for a longer repair time. Attention is also drawn to the fact that Cph Vintage Watches can choose not to attempt a repair, but instead offer that the buyer can return the watch for a refund of the original purchase price or alternatively offer a discount on the price.


Condition of the item

Goods sold by CPHVW are used and typically several decades old (vintage). Consequently, any assessment of errors or defects must be based on this. All items are described in sales notices, and pictures are part of this description. Unless otherwise stated, the goods have been checked by CPHVW and are in satisfactory condition, although with traces of use. Unless otherwise stated, vintage watches run and keep time, but a certain deviation must be expected in a comparison with modern watches. Often, a certain degree of scratches etc. will be found on the glass, case, crown and other parts. Mechanical watches contain moving parts and should be serviced by the buyer at regular intervals.

Vintage watches are not waterproof, not even if "waterproof" or similar is indicated on the watch. Watches should therefore not be exposed to water, and CPHVW advises that vintage watches be taken off the wrist when washing your hands.



Vintage watches are sold on straps and/or bracelets. On rare occasions, the strap/watch material can cause an allergic reaction in the buyer. If this is the case, the buyer should remove the watch immediately. CPHVW is not responsible for any allergic reactions and cannot be held accountable for such in any way.


Import taxes

CPHVW ships internationally. We are not responsible for paying/handling any import taxes and/or customs added to an item entering the area where the buyer's shipping address is located. All items are shipped from Denmark, EU.



The buyer is always encouraged to contact CPHVW to find a solution to any disputes. If a solution cannot be found, buyers can contact the Danish Center for Complaint Resolution and subsequently the Consumer Complaints Board at Nævnenes Hus, European buyers can contact consumer Europe at

Any disputes about purchases from CPHVW shall be settled by Danish courts and according to Danish law.

This text has been translated from Danish. In case of differences between the two, the Danish text applies.

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