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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer free shipping?

Cph Vintage Watches ships free of charge to all of Denmark with PostNord and GLS. Please see the checkout page for costs to your specific area if you are not situated within the EU.

Is my watch insured during shipping?

Yes. Cph Vintage Watches ships the watches insured. Should something happen during the shipment or should the watch be lost in transportation, the full purchase price will be refunded.

Can I return my watch?

If you live in Europe and buy an item online, you are entitled to a 14-day right of return from the day you receive the item. You therefore have 14 days to try the watch and see if it is something for you.During the 14 days, you can go with the watch and try it on, you just have to return it in the same condition as you received it. Should you wish to return the watch, simply write us an email within the 14 days and send the watch back again. 

If you live outside of the EU, we offer you 48 hours to write us about any doubts you have with the watch and return it.

Can I see a watch before I buy it?

Cph Vintage Watches is a webshop and for security reasons does not store watches at our company address. If you want to see a watch before you buy it, we can arrange to meet in a public place in Copenhagen - for example a café - where you can see and try the watch. If you wish to purchase it, you can simply pay on our website while we are there, and take the watch home. Email us at and we'll figure something out.

Are the watches original?

Yes. Cph Vintage Watches vouch for all watches we sell and guarantee their originality. This means that the watches are produced by the named manufacturer and appear in original condition. Just as a car periodically needs maintenance, mechanical watches need to be seen by a watchmaker. Here, parts can be replaced either with spare parts from the original manufacturer or from third-party manufacturers. With watches that are 60-70 years old, it is not always that the original manufacturer still produces spare parts - but other manufacturers do. Examples of parts that are replaced to keep the watch going are straps that wears out, a glass that gets scratched or a crown that breaks.

At Cph Vintage Watches, we are collectors ourselves and appreciate vintage watches. Thus, we use our many years of experience to find the absolute best watches. We only sell watches that we would wish to have in our private collection.

Is my watch waterproof?

The short answer is no. In the sixties, waterproof didn't mean the same as it does today, so you shouldn't take your vintage watch with you in the shower or swimming. It can easily withstand a few drops of rain as long as you are aware that the watch doesn't become soaked. On some watches, "waterproof" or similar is engraved on the case. This must be seen in comparison with previous watches, which often had no water protection at all, and therefore does not mean that they are waterproof.

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