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There are linen dials, and then there are linen dials. This sought-after dial type, with its slanted stripes forming small diamond-shaped patterns, is sought after by collectors. This is partly due to its obvious beauty but also the fact that unfortunately there are few left in good condition. Thus, it is particularly exciting when Cph Vintage Watches is able to offer a piece in as good condition as is the case here.


This beautiful vintage watch has a dial that looks almost as it did when it left the factory. Also, the case is in formidable condition with no flaking on the gold-plated metal. To top it off, it also comes with an original vintage Omega box in great condition.


Brand: Omega

Model: Seamaster 30

Material: Gold-plated with steel back case

Year: 1963

Movement: Manual

Diameter: 35 mm without crown

Omega Seamaster 30 Linen Dial

SKU: 2347
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