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In the sixties, the Constellation models represented Omega's finest craftsmanship and the absolute best that the Swiss watch industry produced at that time. Watches like this were tested to meet very strict quality standards for, among other things, how well they kept time under various conditions. If the watch passed these tests, which were carried out at independent institutes in Switzerland, it was called a "Chronometer", and for this reason, the watch bears the words "officially certified" on the dial. Among collectors, this particular model is particularly popular. The dial is called a "pie pan" because with its facets it looks like an upside-down pie, which gives the watch a unique depth. Also, the horns are called "dog legs" because they look like the legs of a dog. The combination of these two makes this model very desirable. This example is in terrific condition and it's hard to believe it's from 1962. It bears witness to a previous owner who took care of his watch. Not only is this model one of the most sought-after when it comes to vintage Omega, this is also an example in a condition that doesn't get much better. All in all, vintage at its very best.

Brand: Omega

Model: Constellation "Pie Pan Dog Legs"

Material: Steel

Year: 1962 Movement:

Mechanical with automatic winding

Diameter: 34 mm without crown

Omega Constellation Date "Pie Pan Dog Legs"

SKU: 23107
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