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This is a very beautiful and different Omega watch from the fifties. With its 35mm diameter, the watch is larger than many vintage watches from the same period, and has a classic but very modern appearance. The special thing about this watch, however, is the dial itself, where the hour markers are indicated with raised Arabic numerals. These dials, where all hour markers are indicated by numbers, are rarely seen. Some collectors speculate that they were primarily sold on the British market, but this is not known for sure. Either way, they are seldom seen.


In addition, pay attention to the so-called "lumen" on the dial, i.e. the material that once glowed in the dark, and is located next to each number. On this watch, the lumen is patinated to a beautiful and desirable brown color.


The combination of a watch case in steel and hands and numerals in gold gives a very durable watch, which at the same time has an elegant look. And with its special dial, it is a vintage Omega that not many others have.


Brand: Omega

Model: "Arabic Dial"

Material: Stål

Year: 1952

Movement: Manual

Diameter: 35 mm without crown

Omega "Arabic Dial"

SKU: 23114
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