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The Omega Seamaster 600 is a classic sixties watch that Omega produced in the thousands. Normally at Cph Vintage Watches we are careful about using the word "rare" as it's is all too often misused about watches that may have been produced less than others, but are not rare per se.


However, this is an exception. The vast majority of Seamaster 600 watches left the factory with a classic silver-gray sunburst dial, however, Omega also produced a number of Seamaster 600 watches with what they called a "technical dial." These featured a combination of a red Omega logo as well as a cross on the dial on either a black or white background. Of these already rare watches, the white variant in particular is hard to find. It is thus a rare subvariant to a rare subvariant. In other words, something that really appeals to the collector or someone who is looking for something that very few others have. When the watch is in near-new condition like here, it doesn't get much better.


Brand: Omega

Model: Seamaster 600 Technical Dial

Material: Steel

Vintage: 1960s

Movement: Mechanical with manual winding

Diameter: 34mm without crown

Rare Omega Seamaster 600 White Technical Dial

SKU: 2389
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