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The Omega Speedmaster is an iconic series of watches and the only watch to have ever been on the moon. In the late 70s, Omega released an LCD version which was only produced for 1,5 years.


Revolutionary for its time, it had groundbreaking accuracy with a deviation of only 5 seconds per month. As part of the Moonwatch legacy, a version of this watch, the so-called Alaska IV prototype, was even tested by NASA and used on actual space missions.

Considered the only true LCD Speedmaster among collectors, this rare piece is becoming increasingly hard to find, especially on the original 1305 Omega bracelet.


Brand: Omega

Model: Speedmaster Professional LCD

Material: Steel

Year: 1979

Movement: Quartz with chronograph

Diameter: 37mm without crown

Omega Speedmaster LCD

SKU: 2020
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