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This beautiful Seamaster De Ville has the real vintage charm. The very special linen dial, which is sought after for its beautiful design, creates a beautiful diamond pattern on the dial and gives just that extra touch. Unfortunately, the dial is often the first thing to be destroyed by the ravages of time on these vintage watches, but here it stands almost as it did when it left the factory.


The watch is Omega's classic Seamaster De Ville line, which is a dress watch that sits close to the wrist and oozes understated elegance. They are always popular, and you can easily understand why. The watch is newly serviced.


Brand: Omega

Model: Seamaster De Ville

Material: Gold capped

Vintage: 1960s

Movement: Manual

Diameter: 34 mm without crown

Omega Seamaster De Ville Linen Dial

SKU: 2377
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