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When looking at vintage watches, you will occasionally come across the description "New Old Stock" (NOS). All too often, this term is misused, which is why we are also very careful about calling watches NOS at Cph Vintage Watches. Here, however, is an exception that comes really close to this sought-after condition, where the watch appears almost as new.


This vintage Omega Seamaster De Ville is a classic and timeless watch that, with its low profile, sits close to the wrist and slips effortlessly under a shirt sleeve. It is minimalist class with no frills and elegant in its simplicity.


On the back, the watch tells its very own story. From the engraving it we can tell that it was given as recognition for 30 years of faithful service at the Götaverken shipyard in Gothenburg, which at one time was the world's largest shipyard. In the sixties, it was common to recognize your best employees with a watch when they had been with the company for a long time, and there is no doubt that the recipient of this watch was so happy with the gift that he looked after and cared for the watch so it retained its original finish.


The Götaverken no longer exists, but the great thing about vintage watches is that they not only tell their own story, but also the owner's story. In this way, the spirit of that time lives on.


Brand: Omega

Model: Seamaster De Ville

Material: Gold capped

Year: 1967

Movement: Manual

Diameter: 34 mm without crown

Omega Seamaster De Ville

SKU: 2368
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