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There is something very special about vintage Omega watches with a black dial. Maybe it's because they're rarely seen, or maybe it's because they just have a very special aura. It's the type of watch that makes people stop and take a second look.


Unfortunately, the black dials are often in very poor condition. The ravages of time eat away at them, and because there are fewer of them than the more common varieties, it is not very often that you find one in good condition. But that is indeed the case here. The watch is made of steel and with a diameter of 35mm without crown, it is just a little bit larger than the standard men's size of the time.


Brand: Omega

Model: Seamaster 30

Material: Steel

Year: 1964

Movement: Manual

Diameter: 35 mm without crown

Omega Seamaster Black Dial

SKU: 2384
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