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If you are looking for a vintage watch that oozes elegance, you have come to the right place. This Omega Geneve from the 1950s has a desirable combination with its two-tone dial and crosshair. And you understand why because this really is classic fifties design at its very best; timeless, elegant and stunningly beautiful.


At the same time, this watch has a fascinating history. Where the Geneve models in the sixties were Omega's 'entry level' watches, it was the other way around in the fifties. Here, the Geneve watches were among the absolute most exclusive that Omega produced, which is also seen in the design and finish of this watch. These older Geneve watches are characterised by the model name on the dial being written in italics.


Brand: Omega

Model: Geneve "Old Style"

Material: Gold-plated with steel back case

Year: 1957

Movement: Automatic

Diameter: 34 mm without crown

Omega Geneve Date "Old Style"

SKU: 2352
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