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In the sixties, the Constellation models represented Omega's finest craftsmanship and stood for the absolute best that the Swiss watch industry produced at the time.


Watches like this were tested to meet very strict quality standards for how well they performed in different conditions. If the watch passed these tests, which were carried out at independent institutes in Switzerland, it was named a "Chronometer", and thus the watch bears the text "officially certified" on the dial.


Among collectors, this specific model is very popular. The dial is called "pie pan" as the facits resemble a pie dish turned upside down, giving the watch a unique depth. The horns are called "dog legs" because of their angle, resembling the legs of a dog. The combination of these two makes this model highly sought after.


This piece is in absolutely formidable condition and the facets of the case appear razor sharp. Among vintage Omega watches, it simply doesn't get much better than this. Especially not when included with the original box and the certificate certifying that the watch passed the tests and is thus an official chronometer.


Note that Cph Vintage Watches has masked the last part of the serial number on the certificate. The full number, of course, appears.


Brand: Omega

Model: Constellation "Pie Pan Dog Legs"



Year: 1966

Caliber: Automatic

Diameter: 34 mm u. crown

Omega Constellation Pie Pan Dog Legs + Box & Papers

SKU: 23110
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