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At Cph Vintage Watches, we have once before been fortunate enough to have a Must de Cartier Tank with the classic Roman numeral dial for sale. That watch took the record for the most inquiries and wasquickly sold. Thus, we are very happy to be able to offer another Tank - and this time a full set.


The watch is in terrific condition, and appears with full gold plating without peeling.


In addition, both the original box and the original papers for this watch are included. First of all, this is unusual, but even more unusual is that both the box and papers appear as new.


So this is a watch that ticks all the boxes and really isn't something that comes up for sale every day. You can read more about the story behind the Must de Cartier Tank watch below.


Brand: Must de Cartier

Model: Tank

Material: Vermeil (gold-plated silver)

Year: 1987

Movement: Quartz

Diameter: 23x30mm without crown




The Must de Cartier Tank: A fascinating story

In the 1970s and 1980s, the so-called quartz crisis was wreaking havoc in the Swiss watch industry. After the recent invention of the battery watch in Japan, the need for Swiss precision mechanical watches was on decline and only the smartest watch manufacturers could survive.


At Cartier's headquarters in France, they were also scratching their heads. How could they make sure that their luxury Swiss-made watches did not become superfluous. The answer? Instead of fighting against the new technology, they decided to embrace the development and use the new, more affordable movements. This meant offering Cartier watches to customers based on the motto that even people who previously could never dream of being able to afford a Cartier watch should now have the opportunity. Urban legend says that during one of the many crisis meetings, a marketer at Cartier exclaimed "Cartier, it's a must", creating the narrative that everyone should have at least one Cartier watch in their collection. And so, the name for the new line watch line was a no-brainer: Must de Cartier.


Of all the watches that were produced under the Must de Cartier brand, this is probably the most iconic. Watch enthusiasts around the world recognize the Tank model, which has become synonymous with Cartier when it comes to watchmaking. The Must de Cartier Tank has been worn by everyone from Andy Warhol to Muhammad Ali, cementing just how timeless and versatile a vintage watch it is. In 2021, Cartier surprised the watch world by resuming production of the Must de Cartier Tank, which has only caused demand for the original vintage models to rise even more.


This model is made of sterling silver with a gold-plated surface, a combination Cartier calls "Vermeil." With a size of 23x30mm, this watch was the men's model, but by today’s standards it can be worn by anyone. No matter who you are, we at Cph Vintage Watches agree that you should have at least one Cartier watch in your collection. It is simply a must.

Must de Cartier Tank - FULL SET

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